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Lawrence Checkett is an Associate Professor of English, an accomplished artist, and (with his wife Gayle) an author of a textbook series for developmental writing.
Gayle & Larry Checkett
. . . scoping out the world
Gayle Feng-Checkett is a Professor in the SCC English Department and coordinates the college's English as a Second Language (ESL) program.  With her husband Larry, Gayle authors a textbook series for developmental writing.
Blanchard DeMerchant is a Professor of Philosophy at SCC.  Besides being a well-regarded guru of world religions, Dr. DeMerchant is the author a popular series of stories that recall his experiences during the Vietnam War.  
Jacqueline Gray is on the faculty of English Department (where she recently served as Interim Chair) and currently serves as the President of the Faculty Association  
Yvette Hubbman is a member of the SCC Sociology department, where she teaches Anthropology.  Yvette was formerly the SCC Student Activities Director.  
Craig Hurd is finishing a degree at St. Charles Community College.  Craig served in the United States Navy from 1991 1995, where he encountered people and cultures from around the globe.  
Barbara Keene is the Dean for Corporate and Community Development at St. Charles Community College.  Barbara has also been an educator at St. Louis Community College.  
Jim Kellerman is Executive Director/CEA of the Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) which sponsors the Missouri Consortium on Global Education (MCGE)
Jim Kellerman
Michael Kuelker is a member of the SCC English Department and an accomplished author.  Michael also cohosts a radio program featuring reggae music.  Michael is the founding editor of The Global Pages.  
David Marshall is a member of the SCC English Department and hosts regular study tours to Europe.  He is also an accomplished theater director and playwright.  
Gary McKiddy is an adjunct instructor in the SCC History Department.  
Chris Van Mierlo began at SCC as a music educator and now serves as the Director of the First Alert Program in the ACE Center.  
Ron Pettus is a member of the SCC History Department.  Professor Pettus is a  recipient of the prestigious Global Educator of the Year award.  Ron is well known in the community as an interpreter of the excitement and mystery of Egyptology.  
John Phillips is an associate professor of computer science at SCC.  John's participation in the SCC Global Studies Task Force is only one of John's many global interests.  
Brian Smith of the SCC Art Department is an accomplished artist, with a studio in St. Louis and works in galleries, homes, businesses, and other institutions across North America.  
Jennifer Weiss is an SCC student.  
Jane Zeiser is an associate professor of foreign language at SCC.  

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